How to build an open source application correctly?

Open source applications are becoming increasingly popular within the software development community. How can developers ensure that their open source applications are built correctly? What technical considerations must developers take into account? What common challenges should they expect to face? The problem with creating open source applications is of increasing concern to many software development […]

Is Computer Science all about Programming?

Is Computer Science all about Programming? Is coding the only language of computers? These questions come up quite frequently when discussing computer science and programming. The one true answer is that it depends. Computer Science is a vast field and it encompasses many areas that can be vastly different from programming, such as theory, networking, […]

Do you agree that object-oriented programming is bad?

Is object-oriented programming a hindrance to software development or its savior? How can software developers improve their coding skills with the usage of this paradigm? These questions lead us to discover the core of the problem surrounding object-oriented programming in software development and whether it really is beneficial or the source of much frustration. Several renowned […]