How do you understand a source code fast?

Can complex code be understood quickly? How is one able to quickly process the large amounts of information provided by the source code? What techniques and approaches are necessary to quickly learn a programming language? Using source code and understanding the inner workings of a language is a vital part of programming. Companies, developers, and […]

Do you agree that object-oriented programming is bad?

Is object-oriented programming a hindrance to software development or its savior? How can software developers improve their coding skills with the usage of this paradigm? These questions lead us to discover the core of the problem surrounding object-oriented programming in software development and whether it really is beneficial or the source of much frustration. Several renowned […]

Why is OOP not used in low-level programming?

Article Plan: What is OOP and Low-Level Programming? Questioning the Difference between OOP and Low-Level Programming What is the difference between Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) and Low-Level Programming? Why is OOP rarely used in low-level programming? To understand this, we need to understand the definitions of the two programming types. Low-Level Programming refers to computer programming […]