How do I scale a software development company?

Scaling a software development company is an important strategy in a competitive and constantly changing market. How can businesses ensure they have the resources and personnel necessary to keep up with new technologies, industry trends, and customer demands? What strategies can be used to accelerate growth while also creating a strong and agile organizational structure? […]

Do you agree that object-oriented programming is bad?

Is object-oriented programming a hindrance to software development or its savior? How can software developers improve their coding skills with the usage of this paradigm? These questions lead us to discover the core of the problem surrounding object-oriented programming in software development and whether it really is beneficial or the source of much frustration. Several renowned […]

Do computer scientists only work as programmers?

Do you ever wonder what roles computer scientists actually fill? Could they just be coder-types, plugging away at software development projects? Or are there broader possibilities for computer scientists to pursue? It’s these questions we’ll explore in this article, which delves into the possibilities and options available to computer scientists. Studies from sources such as […]