How to become an object-oriented programmer?

Must be yours own text. Have you ever wondered what it takes to become an object-oriented programmer? Can anyone with enough motivation and passion learn the fundamentals of this skill? This article seeks to answer these questions, discussing the current state of object-oriented programming and how those interested can learn it. As reported by the […]

What are the core topics of Object-oriented Programming?

Have you ever pondered what core topics comprise Object-oriented Programming (OOP)? Have you ever asked yourself how the principles of object-oriented programming serve software development engineers in their daily work? Object-oriented programming principles form the basis for representing problems and solutions in the form understandable by humans and machines alike, allowing for rapid software development […]

How can I master object oriented programming?

Have you ever thought about the challenge of mastering Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)? Have you ever faced the difficulties of writing reusable and maintainable code in different applications of OOP? Writing code with object-oriented principles are essential for creating any software application, but it is also something that is relatively easy to get wrong, and can […]

What are the best object-oriented programming projects?

Use synonyms. How can object-oriented programming projects make a real difference to software development? What’s the best way to approach such projects? These are two thought-provoking questions to consider when looking at the art and science of object-oriented programming. Many software developers cite object-oriented programming (OOP) as the most efficient and effective approach to software […]

Is object-oriented programming harder than functional?

Object-oriented programming (OOP) and functional programming have been two prevailing paradigms in software development, and the debate about which is better never ceases. Is OOP harder than functional programming? Does the complexity of OOP outweigh the advantages offered by functional programming? Will the use of the wrong paradigm negatively affect software projects? These are just […]